The Basics

May 17, 2016

Getting Started

Dominant Foot:

First, you need to find your dominant foot.

Stand with your feet together, close your eyes & have someone GENTLY push you on the back.

  • Did your left foot step forward?
  • Awesome, you're 'Regular' footed. Your left foot is 'dominant'.
  • Did your right foot step forward?
  • Congrats you're 'Goofy' footed. Your right foot is 'dominant'.

"Does it matter which one I am?"

NO! Not at all.

Regular/goofy stances don't matter at all in skateboarding & are literally just different ways of standing on the board.


Plant your dominant foot to the front of your board. The exact placement depends on the style of your board, but generally it's just behind, or on top of your front truck. Point your foot, lean forwards slightly & push off gently with your other foot.

Skating is all about balance, so feel your balance & stay calm. Don't try to overcorrect - because that's likely to set you more off-balance. Take it slow & link pushes as you get more comfortable!

If you find you're losing balance in between pushes, try slightly de-weighting your front foot, while still keeping it on the board.


This is the single most important thing you will learn how to do.


Foot Brake

This is a great method for slowing down or even stopping from low speeds.

Simply let your non-dominant foot drag on the ground as you glide forwards & let friction pull you to a stop.

When learning, try resting your non-dominant ankle off the edge of the board & pivoting your foot up & down, increasing pressure to stop more quickly. This isn't a very effective method, but allows you to get used to the feeling of taking one foot off the board & braking.

Once you're reasonably comfortable, try taking your foot off the board completely & using the entire area of your sole to stop.

THIS WILL FEEL WEIRD AT FIRST, but just start slow & work on your balance. Go faster as you get more comfortable!