I've been through many dancing boards and none compare to my 1/2 dance, not only is it a great board, they are a great company too.

The Loaded Bhangra is a popular one, so is the AmWood 1/2Dance.

LBL has a few decks that are good for dancing, too. I'm not sure exactly what they're riding, but I'm pretty sure it's a Bustin because of their shirts. What you want is something around 48" (or longer for less freestyle and more straight up dancing) with some flex and carvy trucks. I built mine, it's 50" long and made from 4 plies of 1/8" Baltic birch.

I prefer the more dance oriented decks because of the wide efp (effective foot platform, where you can stand).

Good boards:

  • Amwood 1/2 dance
  • BC Boards Plakton
  • Simple Platypus
  • Loaded Dancer
  • Longboard Larry Old Skool Dancer
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